Formica® is an iconic brand, which is intrinsically linked with the material, High Pressure Laminate (HPL). The company is ideally placed to offer new products and decors which complement current design trends, and has an ongoing product design and development process. Formica® is layers of paper soaked in resin and compressed together at extremely high pressure to form a surfacing material. It’s named Formica® because it was originally produced as a substitute for mica, a naturally occurring substance that was used to insulate electrical material. It’s super thin and very strong. Since it’s just paper, you can print virtually any pattern or design on it. Today it’s primarily used as a decorative application for countertops and tabletops, walls and other surfaces. It was initially developed by a research engineer at Westinghouse to be a strong, lightweight material for electrical insulation. By the 1930s, major automobile manufactures like Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and Studebaker were using Formica to make timing gears. We’ve seen people doing lots of creative things with Formica® lately, from making jewelry and sculpture to creating accent walls and colorful DIY headboards. See even more reasons why Formica® is making a comeback in kitchens, baths and many places inside and out of the home.